Grand Rental Station of Lunenburg, MA

88 Massachusetts Ave (Rt. 2A)

Lunenburg, MA 01462

Store Hours

Monday thru Friday

7:30 am - 5:00 pm


8:00 am - 1:00 pm




(978) 345 - 7368

* Massachusetts has new temporary permit
requirements for those renting equipment
such as Excavators, etc. Please ask us
for details so your rental goes smoothly. *

Grand Rental Station has the finest tools and equipment available to either buy or rent. We offer a variety of tools and equipment, so we are fully prepared to help you in your DIY project, to get it done, and done right the first time. Being apart of the Maki Building Centers family, we believe in being friendly and knowledgeable so that we may assist you in the best way possible. Located just down the street, from the Lunenburg location of Maki Building Centers, we make it easy and convienent to rent or buy.

Here at Grand Rental, we don't just offer tools and equiment to rent; we also offer tables, chairs, tents, barbeques, and more. Which makes throwing your next back yard adventure that much easier. Why go from place to place trying to find everything you need to make your party fantastic. We also offer supplies need to make wedding receptions a piece of cake. Stop by and see us today and we'll help you make your special day or project fantastic!